What We Do

We are investigating the interactions between protestors and police during COP26. We are particularly interested in the delivery of Police Scotland’s ‘rights based policing approach’: how it works out, where it succeeds in de-escalating tensions with protestors, and any ways in which it fails. Our hope is that the research will help identify the lessons from COP26 for future events.

We are running a number of different studies to help us understand the nature of police-protester dynamics and what protest ‘facilitation’ looks like in practice.

These include observation of events on the streets, interviews, surveys and diary studies.

We are genuinely interested in hearing your own thoughts and reflections so please get in touch:

  • if there are events that you think it is important for us to observe;
  • when you see us out and about;
  • if you are interested in taking part in our survey;
  • if you would like to take part in a diary study (where you simply and securely record your daily experiences during COP26).

To take part, please email Jennie Portice jsp7@st-andrews.ac.uk or Selin Tekin (stg3@st-andrews.ac.uk)

Without everyone’s voices, we will inevitably end up with a distorted or one-sided view. Anything that you tell us will be absolutely confidential. Data will be stored on secure servers (as required by GDPR law) and will only be accessible by the research team. We will certainly not share anything that could identify or be associated with you as an individual.

Thank you for your help.